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Concerts at Refugee Camps Around the World


CFC aims to bring meaningful musical experiences to displaced peoples by performance, interaction, and education. Thus far, they have visited many types of refugee camps, ranging from unofficial shelters made by people who had just arrived in boats, to more structured camps under the Red Cross’ jurisdiction. These concerts feature music from around the world, ranging from American Bluegrass to Western Art Music.

Benefit Concerts


CFC performs benefit concerts for organizations supporting global communities: Jesuit Refugee Services and Support International.


When performing in traditional performance venues for local communities, CFC features works by composers who were either refugees themselves or faced adversity in their lives. By doing so, CFC hopes to build deeper understanding and compassion in local communities.

Educational Workshops for Children

in Refugee Camps and Local Schools


CFC’s commitment with young people is aimed toward encouraging the development of creativity and artistry. In their children’s workshops, CFC demonstrates musical instruments and live-music making, encourages artistic creativity through interactive games, and discusses a wide range of topics, including chamber music, composers, compositional methods, and the role of music in society. Their workshops end with the children given the opportunity to try out violins for themselves. Besides their work in refugee camps, they also perform similar musical workshops in local elementary and middle schools. In their hope to build deeper understanding, CFC features works by composers who faced adversity of all kinds.

recent events


New york


CFC is a proud recipient of the 2022 Jennifer Saltzstein Kaffenberger Fellowship, giving CFC the opportunity to work with Arts Ignite at the Newcomer Youth Summer Academy 2022. CFC partnered with ARKAI to present an interactive performance at Arts Ignite for refugee children in New York City, playing original works and arrangements.

To learn more about Arts Ignite and read the press release, visit their website!

Jennifer Saltzstein Kaffenberger Fellowship



VISION Collective

In collaboration with CFC, The VISION Collective toured central Germany, giving educational workshops and performing concerts at refugee camps for 120 children from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, and Turkey. VISION performed original works and arrangements by composers Hunter Hanson, Tengku Irfan, Nick Marsella, J.P. Redmond, Iván Enrique Rodríguez, Horacio Fernández Vásquez, and Aaron Wolff. The trip was funded in part by the George J. Jakab Global Enrichment grant from the Juilliard School. 

To learn more about VISION, visit 1visioncollective.org 

Buffalo, NY 

Benefit Gala - Buffalo String Works 

Concerts for Compassion visited Buffalo String Works to play for the annual benefit concert. CFC performed alongside staff from the school, as well as with students of BSW.

Central America




United Nations Refugee Agency

Concerts for Compassion visited Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, and Panama with The United Nations Refugee Agency. Engagements included educational workshops in refugee shelters, schools, cultural centers, shelters for victims of human trafficking, and youth community centers. 

To learn more about UNHCR, please visit their Website and Instagram

New york



Benefit Concert - Church World Service

Concerts for Compassion performed a benefit concert for Church World Service at the Tenement Museum in New York City.

CWS aims to transform communities around the globe through just and sustainable responses to hunger, poverty, displacement, and disaster. CWS is both a global humanitarian organization and one of nine refugee resettlement agencies in the United States. CWS has 34 refugee and immigration offices spread across 17 different states. These offices provide services to newly arrived refugees and immigrants, helping them to integrate into local communities, find jobs and learn the necessary skills to support their new life in the United States. 

New york


Award Ceremony - The Hill-McGraw Robert Sherman Outreach and Education Award 

Concerts for Compassion is the proud recipient of the Hill-McGraw Robert Sherman Outreach and Education Award. This generous gift was presented by Terry McGraw in Paul Hall, The Juilliard School on September 24th, 2018.




Refugee Camps - Hermeskeil, Bonn, Doberlug-Kirchhain

Concerts for Compassion performed at three separate refugee camps throughout Germany, sharing world music and giving brief educational workshops for children.

New York City 




Peace First Summit

Concerts for Compassion performed and spoke at the New York Peace First Summit at Florence Gould Hall. Headed by a member of the Obama family, Maya Soetoro-Ng, CFC was featured alongside other artists and activists.

"This full day of transformative story telling, lively discussion, and moving performances will bring together dynamic public figures, renowned artists, prominent journalists, and inspiring young activists to energize a modern peace movement."





Educational Concerts

Concerts for Compassion gave a school-wide performance for the students of Jackson Preparatory School as part of their Global Leadership Program. 

Local Concert

To raise awareness, CFC performed a community concert on Saturday, September 15th, at 7:30 PM at the Belhaven University's Concert Hall. The program consisted of composers who faced adversity in their lives and communities. 

New york


Benefit Concert, Support International

Concerts for Compassion performed a benefit concert for Support International, an organization that supports communities in Lebanon, Iraq, and Uganda.